About Artificial Intelligence

Vertex reimagined AI, bringing it out of the lab and into the hands of business users, which now benefits several business processes every day. Today, we are further democratizing AI by empowering to transform every process and customer interaction to be more intelligent with AI expertise. Vertex is arming customers with conversational chatbots and the ability to build and customize their own with just clicks.

Every business process and workflow within a company stands to be more intelligent or more efficient with AI. Employees need more insights into the future and to deflect repetitive tasks that take up their days. However, companies are hindered by the infrastructure costs, lack of expertise and the resources required to optimize their workflow with AI. With us, the employees who are managing and driving business processes have the power to build and customize AI to fit their specific needs.

As a leader, we believe that we are best positioned to help accelerate AI adoption.

Key Benefits

Vertex redefines automation with bot as a service i.e. to automate a wide range of industry-specific operational and functional processes effectively, efficiently and spontaneously.

  • Customer Experience Management: Discover newer and faster approaches to interact with customers and maintain consistency across all the channels of communication with bot.
  • Process Automation: We can automate and expedite a wide range of industry-specific operational and support processes with bot.
  • Human Resource Services: Reconfigure HR practices and processes to improve employee engagement and reduce operating costs by intelligent HRM automation with bot.
  • Back Office Administration & Reporting: We can automate any structured administrative task where humans interact with technology with cognitive-capable bots
Value to Business
Following are the business advantages of using a bot
Accessible Anytime
Handling Capacity
Customer Satisfaction
Cost Effective
Alternate Sales Channel/Better Lead generation
Personal Assistant
Flexible Attribute
Work Automation

Vertex AI services have benefited several businesses across different industries.

Financial Services: AI bots respond to queries about deposit and credit card accounts, transactions, and branch or ATM locations.
Insurance:Digital assistant app answers basic policy and billing queries.
HR: Employee can get answers about pay, stock, benefits, leave balances and other HR programs.
Retail & E-commerce: AI shopping assistants help with catalog purchases and style recommendations.
Health Care:Our systems help explain medical diagnoses and provide clinical decision support, and access to health care information.
News & Publishing:AI service delivers daily top news stories.
Media & Entertainment: Find tickets to events and concerts, games.
Fashion & Beauty: By understanding consumer habits, our AI assistant can make suggestions to try different lip colors and new fashions.
Travel: Get travel advice, recommendations, check-in reminders, flight status updates, and hotel information on Skype or Facebook Messenger.
Food: Place orders via Slack.


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