Best IT Services Company Award

COSE – Council of Small Enterprises conducts annual event where it recognizes the innovative companies, products and leaders, and confers them with tech awards. These technology business awards shed light on innovative companies and leaders and help OHTec promote the savvy companies that are doing great things.

In April 2015, COSE conducted their 9th Annual Best of Tech Dinner which was a key part of Tech Week 2015. During this event, Vertex has been conferred with "2015 OHTec Best of Tech Award" in the category of "Best IT Service Company."

Commenting on the recognition received by Vertex Computer Systems, Brad Nellis, Executive Director of OHTec said "Vertex Computer Systems has grown tremendously in the past 15 years and offers a very diverse set of products and services to its clients. They're a great example of the value that an IT services company brings to its customers and we're proud to have the opportunity to recognize their success."

Vertex Computer Systems has continually crafted innovative solutions with a holistic view that makes businesses smarter. With more than 15 years of experience in IT solutions and services Vertex has provided innovative solutions to Fortune companies and has been a trusted partner.

Speaking of this latest recognition, Ganesh Iyer, President, Vertex Computer Systems said, "We are delighted to win the 2015 OHTec Best of Tech Awards and we see this is a recognition of our incredible hard work, spirit of innovation and the value we bring to our customers. We are at the cutting edge of technology and our technical and domain expertise are transforming the way our customers are leveraging technology to make changes in their business. We view this award as a recognition of the impact we are creating with our customers."

About Vertex:

Incorporated in Ohio in 1989, Vertex is a global IT company delivering innovative business solutions across Business Analytics, Salesforce and Custom technologies. With more than 350 consultants Vertex provides solutions to key Fortune 500 companies.


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