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We help organizations answer complex, variable, and even the most opaque business questions which were previously not tackled or viewed through the lens of limited context and content.

The emerging field of data science lies at the intersection of computer science, statistics, and business understanding, and represents a logical response to the challenge of building a truly data-driven enterprise. Regardless of whether data resides in traditional SQL database systems or is streamed in from big-data clouds (or a myriad of other options), it is essential to apply a well-reasoned and systematic approach to advanced data analysis and interpretation of the results.

At Vertex, we believe that Data Science is best viewed as a methodology for converting raw data into valuable, actionable information for data-driven insights and optimizations. These insights are then used to drive action, value, and differentiation for an organization.

Data Science Services

Vertex's Business Analytics Team applies Data Science methodology across the entire life cycle of Advanced Analytics, from Diagnostic Analytics, to Predictive, Prescriptive, and Machine Learning stages to help organizations identify, incorporate, and embed greater intelligence into their business processes and activities.

Other Business Analytics Services

Vertex can help you with end-to-end Business Analytics services


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