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A wide range of Business Analytics Services ranging from strategy creation and technology identification to rewriting business processes, from incorporating predictive models to enabling self-service analytics for your business

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Strategic Consulting

Advanced Analytics is going mainstream as companies across all industries continually reassess their competitive positioning..

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Advanced Analytics

The practice of accurately incorporating advanced methods, approaches, tools, and solutions to convert streams

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Data Science

The emerging field of data science lies at the intersection of computer science, statistics, and business understanding, functionality

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Predictive Modeling & Machine Learning

Predictive modeling and machine learning are valuable stages in the realization of Advanced Analytics. Past the basic..

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Big Data Analytics

The growing Advanced Analytics market and renewed interest in enhanced data capabilities to store, integrate, ...

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Process Improvement & Optimization Services

Vertex's team of experienced Business Analytics professionals is ready to help reimagine your business processes..

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Data Visualization

With a keen focus on driving business value and answering underlying business questions, we bring an experienced team that..

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Traditional BI & Data Management Services

Vertex helps plan and execute - leveraging (new or existing) Business Intelligence platforms to meet your organization's..

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Return on Data - Not a Far Fetched Concept

a complex system of companies which try to maximize their profits by offering products and services to the market (which consists both of individuals and other companies) at the lowest production cost.

Review of Hadoop Platforms & Distributions

This paper provides a detailed assessment of different cloud computing platforms and Hadoop distributions, and offersa guide for organizations to choose the most ideal platform. We will review some of the top Hadoop

Vertex team can help you with SharePoint Architecture, Design and Implementation.


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