Nailing the IT Interview

As large organizations have focused on increasing their IT capabilities, searching for high-quality and adaptable candidates has become increasingly important. Recruiters are seeking prospects who can evolve with the culture of their company.

For the past 20+ years, recruiters at Vertex have watched the demand for tech talent rise. We already covered the “Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing” in a previous blog post. We now want to fix our attention to one of the critical moments that most applicants prep for in advance: Interviewing. More specifically, interviewing for an IT job.

We have seen some great and some not so great interviews and would like to share some advice that all prospective IT job hunters should consider.

Honesty & Integrity

Part of interviewing for an IT job is nailing the technical aspects of an interview. A prospective candidate should expect to be asked about their qualifications and skills. Some questions that recruiters may ask will have definitive answers. It is in your best interest as a candidate to answer honestly. If you don’t know the answer, it’s not the end of the world! Admit that you don’t know the correct answer and suggest a solution as to how you would go about finding the right one. This shows a recruiter or interviewer that you are willing to admit when you don’t know something, as well as demonstrate that you are motivated to find a solution. Often, the interviewer wants to see how you problem-solve. Be honest and leave a lasting impression of integrity.

Play to Your Strengths

Organizations are always looking for self-aware candidates who can excel in their position. During your interview, try to work the conversation around your strengths and things that you are confident about. Staffing managers are looking for applicants with specific skills. You do not want to be afraid to really demonstrate your knowledge of the required skill. If you are applying for a position that has a required platform that you have spent a lot of time getting familiar with, expound on it. Talk about what details you liked, what about it that you thought wasn’t user friendly, and what improvements you would have made.

Geek Out!

This is a bit of a mix of the previous two tips. When you inevitably get into the technical discussion of an interview, do not be afraid to really demonstrate your knowledge. If there is a software that you have spent a lot of time getting familiar with, show off your knowledge. The hiring manager who is interviewing you is usually knowledgeable of the topic and will be interested in a mutual discussion about it. This could also help you break tension or defeat nerves. If you can embrace your inner geek and have a conversation in which you feel comfortable and confident about a topic, the interviewer will notice.

I hope this helps you better understand what hiring managers look for when interviewing applicants. A confident interview is the all-important first impression of your job hunt.

Good Luck!

Vertex Computer Systems Celebrates International Women’s Day

On March 8, 2022, Vertex Computer Systems took time out of the workday to celebrate International Women’s Day and all the contributions that our female team members make to the success of the company.

The day is especially meaningful as Vertex is a woman-owned company.

Sharda IyerCompany founder Sharda Iyer said, “As an engineer, a tech professional, and an entrepreneur, it gives me great pleasure to see women choosing STEM careers. I recall back when I was in college pursuing degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, I used to be one or two women in my classes! Thankfully that trend has changed, and more women are breaking the glass ceiling every day.

“I have seen many women employees build successful careers at Vertex, and I am honored to work with the exceptional women of Vertex,” she added. “Happy International Women’s Day to all the women Vertexians!”

Several of our female engineers and employees praised Vertex as being especially supportive of women in the workplace.

“The work environment at Vertex is quite supportive,” said Prasanna Rama, developer in the Hyderabad office. “Being a developer is nothing but learning a new skill and learning how to deal with failures, tackling new challenges and overcoming fear. It gives me a sense of pride. A woman being an engineer is no less than any man. This has been a huge learning experience.”

“Being an engineer has taught me to solve complex problems, to understand and implement technology and to show my skills globally,” added Neelima Devata. “Vertex has helped me in my career by helping me understand and mitigate any challenges. They encourage new ideas and listen to us and our views.”

Reshmy U.S.-based Business Development Executive Reshmy Kesavadas cited the feeling of empowerment and professionalism coated with empathy making it worthy to work in a woman-owned enterprise like Vertex. “For a woman like me who could not work in the United States because of visa, having the confidence to get back into the corporate world took some real guts because of (a) work gap of 15 years,” she said. “The consideration of Vertex to employ me shows how the company really cares about individuals and gives them a chance to learn, establish and grow.

“The constant assurance that ‘ Reshmy, you can do it’ and ‘you have it in you, hang in there’ are some of the phrases that my colleagues and management team showered on me was the real boost and, helped me get back on track when I was off track and low in confidence,” she added. “And here I am today, feeling like a celebrity and a champion! This is empowerment!”

Prashanthi Geedula praised Vertex’s flexible working options. “They provide me with much-needed balance as I can navigate my multiple roles, both in the workplace and at home.” She also appreciated the opportunities to work on challenging assignments with cutting-edge technologies. “(The field of ) engineering or development is all about intellectuals and in today’s world, both men and women are (performing) equally in this field. I do not think of me as a “woman” in a development team. My colleagues are as friendly (and) I feel that women’s work is valued and respected as much as anyone else’s.”

“Keep up the good work, and continue to achieve and aspire to do great!” concluded Sharda Iyer.

Recent College Grad? Start Your IT Career With Vertex

Are you a recent or soon-to-be graduate with a degree in Computer Science or Information Technology? Or do you have demonstrable skills as a software developer? Vertex is adding entry-level to senior members to its team of talented developers and analysts. Launch your career as a software developer with us!

At Vertex Computer Systems you will learn the world of consulting, work with varied clients and industries helping them solve critical problems. You will develop digital transformation solutions, cloud-based custom applications, analytical solutions using AI/ML algorithms, data science & visualization solutions using Microsoft, Salesforce, Open-Source platforms, and other cutting-edge technologies.

We offer a great working environment that is informal and collaborative, allows you to bring out your best, contribute immensely, and learn on the job. We value and listen to your ideas.

Prior work experience is not a requirement for us.

The job location will be Sharonville, Ohio (Cincinnati) post removal of pandemic era restrictions.

If you’re interested in starting your career with a leading Information Technology Services company, please send an email to [email protected] with a detailed resume of your academic background, and your work experience if any.  We are hiring immediately but have flexibility with start dates to accommodate various graduation schedules.

You can find more information about Vertex at

BC / AC: Should You Negotiate Salary on a Job Offer? How Covid has Changed Salary Negotiation 

Since COVID, all facets of recruiting have changed: location, duration, communication, work hours, even entire jobs. One of the most sensitive subjects of recruiting is salary negotiation. Somewhere, someone instructed newbie candidates to negotiate pay offers. This issue comes up frequently, as many entry-level candidates believe they’ll be perceived as being weak if they don’t ask for more money.   

This may have worked well with hiring managers BC (Before COVID). But that convention has gone out the window during COVID. These days, everyone is working on their last nerve after a year of being cooped up, overworked, and stressed out about business and the economy. Hiring managers have restricted budgets and very little wiggle room exists for an increase, especially for an entry-level candidate.    

We ran into this recently when we recruited, packaged, prepped, and presented a candidate who received an offer and came back asking for over 16% more in the base salary. This was after he agreed to the salary range upfront.  After talking to his friends, he came back for more. Even though he had four years of experience, the position was still considered associate level in the dynamic world of technology.   

Many millennials have internalized the notion that they should always negotiate salary. Think twice about negotiating pay until AC (After COVID). If you are working with a recruiter, he or she will tell you what will work within the budget allotted for the role.  I recommend after all the hard work of the interview and the offer comes in, take it!  You can negotiate vacation, benefits, workspace, workday hours.  What’s most important is to land a job that will give you experience in your desired field.

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