The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry has seen a phenomenal growth in recent times; thanks to their relentless efforts in new product innovation. The industry has been successful in meeting growing needs of consumers, especially from emerging markets. But, it is also one of those few industries facing some tough challenges - compressed cycle times, diminishing margins, tight competition, wavering consumer loyalties, and supply chain volatility (to become more prominent in next 10 years with a rise in resource shortage across the globe). In order to protect their firm's competitive advantage from these challenges, CPG companies are constantly looking for solutions that would help them make timely and well-informed decisions, improve process efficiency, strengthen relationships with supplier and distributor network, to name a few. Vertex crafts such impactful solutions and helps CPG manufacturers meet their business goals more effectively.


Areas of Transformation:

  • Trade Information Exchange

  • Digital Assets

  • Distribution Information Management

  • Research & Consumer Insights

  • Product Life-cycle Management

  • Credit & Risk Assessment

  • Sales & Retailer Relationship

  • Employee Onboarding

  • Media Relations

Industry Solutions

We offer cost-effective solutions that help transform processes, improve collaboration and enhance value offered by organizations.


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