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Suppliers: Want to Improve Your Retail Shelf Execution? We Got IT.

Suppliers: Want to Improve Your Retail Shelf Execution? We Got IT.

bSavvy Validates that
Shelf Execution Matches
Shelf Design

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bSavvy, a suite of products including an iPhone/Android App, Portal, and AI Engine, helps you verify that retailer shelf displays match your planogram designs. bSavvy helps to ensure that brands win at the First Moment of Truth (FMOT) when shoppers are making their purchase decisions at a retailer’s shelf.

  • Capture details of brick-and-mortar execution with the bSavvy app.
  • Let bSavvy’s AI engine analyze images and generate insights.
  • Access images from bSavvy’s portal and take action to ensure perfect execution.

Ensure Proper In-Store Retail Execution to Influence Sales Outcomes with bSavvy

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bSavvy Ensures You Win at the FMOT

Brands plan and invest significantly to consistently win the First Moment of Truth (FMOT). Confronted with a myriad of product choices, it’s essential to present the best FMOT to win shoppers. By ensuring planogram, display, promotions, and pricing compliance, bSavvy helps brands win the FMOT.

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Retail Audits

Retail auditing can help brands ensure accurate retail execution at stores.

shelf audits

program and promotion audits

operational audits

Experience bSavvy’s Magic

Retail auditing can help brands ensure accurate retail execution at stores. Drag the vertical divider to see single photos of the store shelf as captured by bSavvy on the left, and compare with the bSavvy-stitched panoramic view on the right.

img (1) 09_20_2020_Kroger_Air Care_stitched_
  • Provides brands with tools to audit store execution: Data collection, image processing, data storage, and analytics.
  • Generates visibility and actionable insights to ensure fidelity to planogram design.
  • Enables brand teams to better plan a store visit and make the most out of each in-store audit.
  • Supports audits from both in-house auditors and third-party audit providers.
  • Gather data to compare performance against competition.
  • Monitor and ensure in-store execution.
  • Proactively uncover non-compliance in retail execution.
  • Evidence to approach retailers when in-store execution needs to be adjusted.
  • High-quality data collection at source using advanced validation techniques.
  • Gain actionable insights generated using data science and advanced analytics.
  • Compare your products against competition.

Want to win at the FMOT and improve your retail shelf execution?

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