Consultant Spotlight

“I am working as an IT Program Manager/Project Manager for The Department of Administrative Services(DAS) of Ohio State. Managing multiple projects for the Ohio Benefits program and IT applications that include: PMO, ServiceNow enhancements, infrastructure, release management & IT operational activities. Responsible for managing multiple third-party vendors and work closely with Medicaid & Job/Family services stakeholders. I have been with Vertex for the past 7+ years and it has been an exciting journey so far, looking forward to long lasting relationship with Vertex.”


“I joined Vertex on January 31st of 2022. I have gained so much knowledge on many different projects throughout my two years here. I have worked with some of the most inspiring people. I have two families, one with Vertex and one with Luxottica. This is by far the best company I have worked for. I can’t wait for more years to come. Thank you to all the employees that have helped make this experience the best.”


“I express my gratitude to Vertex for the chance to work as a Consultant, Purchasing Buyer, at a Fortune 50, Consumer Good Manufacturer based in Cincinnati. The professional and amiable support from the Vertex staff made my consulting experience enjoyable, fostering a sense of belonging within the team. Working for Vertex’s Client heightened my appreciation for contributing to the consumer products sector, allowing me to further refine my skills in the field of purchasing.”


Pipelining Talent

  • Use social media to attract talent
  • Thorough screening
  • Leverage our technologists to assess candidates
  • Pipeline consultants by skill and region

Necessary Support

  • Provide customer specific onboarding and orientation
  • Assure performance with the support of in-house technical experts

Partnership for a Long- Term Relationship

  • Customized approach for each customer
  • Leverage pipelines for client's future needs

Process Flexibility

  • Flexible to adjust with client's changes

Satisfaction Surveys

  • Periodic surveys of client hiring managers
  • Connected with consultants throughout their assignment

Professional Candidate Screening

Sourcing/ matching skills for niche positions

Making sure location, rate and soft skills are a fit

Visa credentialing and identifying verification via video call with candidates

Multiple levels of interviews with inhouse technical experts

Supervisory level reference check

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