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Vertex has developed digital solutions for end-to-end waste management logistics. If you see opportunities to improve managing waste collection and profiling, transportation, recycling treatment, disposal, work-order management, scheduling, dispatching, tracking, routing, and regulatory compliance, we can help. We have knowledge of hazardous and non-hazardous waste management issues for incinerators, landfills, wastewater and other treatment facilities, as well as treatment, storage, and disposal facilities in North America.

Environmental Solutions

Self-service portals with intuitive UI design reduce customer service costs, modernize the user experience, and engage and provide visibility to the customer.

Our experts are helping visionary organizations step into a confident digital future. Our pragmatic approach combines business and technology expertise and accelerates the passage from idea to implementation.

Our solutions to streamline service components such as recycling, bulk transportation, wastewater treatment, and fuel blending.

Our digital solutions improve efficiency through automation and result in improved employee retention, significant savings in HR trainings, and a centralized location for maintaining seasonal employee data.

We build solutions to ensure regulatory compliance of equipment, incineration system, liquid waste etc.

We build solutions for a Centralized Transport Management System that includes timely delivery, with no manual tasks, efficient and optimized routing, reduced miles driven, which reduces fuel costs and improves fuel efficiency, improved time spent for route planning and real time visibility of vehicle location.

Our solution provides lists of jobs / services, self-service vendor portals and online invoicing to give clear visibility of all vendor activities and real-time information on job statuses, approval of invoices, and integration with Peoplesoft screens.

We build solutions to handle waste management activities such as waste profiling, drum scheduling, on-site inventory, online tracking, invoice management, reports.

Our Solution Experience Includes

  • Work Order Services
  • Customer Service
  • Disposal Services
  • Inventory Management
  • Routing
  • Asset Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Compliance
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Quoting

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We handle Application Development & Maintenance issues so you can concentrate on your business. Simply put, we manage the design, coding, testing, debugging, and ongoing maintenance of client systems.

Vertex analyzes current processes to offer improved systems. We measure, test, and optimize the effects of our automated solutions. Where applicable, we also develop solutions and offer them as an ongoing SAS service.

Cloud and SAS platforms offer new choices that can speed deployment and reduce capital costs. Vertex can help you approach these strategic and tactical decisions and implement them for you.

The collection, interpretation, and presentation of meaningful patterns in data to gain insights that allow smart decision-making.

Vertex focuses on clients’ overarching goals, looking beyond the obvious answers to scale solutions across the entire organization. We drive value.

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Venkit is an executive with global experience leading IT service businesses, establishing start-up organizations, and leading operations and technology for Managed Services, Environmental Services, Telecommunication, and Financial Services business. Outside of work, he’s a tennis buff and classical music enthusiast.

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