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Want to Get Your Products Into Big-Box Retail Stores?

We’ve been improving efficiencies for major CPG suppliers and manufacturers since 2001. We’ve walked the plant floors. We’ve listened to product managers. We’ve built solutions to help CPG companies improve how their products get into big-box retail stores.

Our CPG Solutions Include:

Balancing the supply of materials, production and order fulfillment of products that are nearing obsolescence to eliminate waste.

The processes that companies use to determine the amount of products and related raw/pack materials they should have available to meet consumer demand.

The availability of products that shoppers can purchase in the place they expect and at the time they want to buy.

A benchmark of delivery performance in a supply chain that measures how many fulfilled orders had the right products, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right quantity per order.

The delivery of analytical data on inventory levels, supply chain movement, consumer demand, sales, etc. that are crucial for making marketing and procurement decisions.

The process of anticipating, tracking, controlling and managing an optimal schedule that meets production needs, personnel capacity and compliance requirements.

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We handle Application Development & Maintenance issues so you can concentrate on your business. Simply put, we manage the design, coding, testing, debugging, and ongoing maintenance of client systems.

Vertex analyzes current processes to offer improved systems. We measure, test, and optimize the effects of our automated solutions. Where applicable, we also develop solutions and offer them as an ongoing SAS service.

Cloud and SAS platforms offer new choices that can speed deployment and reduce capital costs. Vertex can help you approach these strategic and tactical decisions and implement them for you.

The collection, mangling, and presentation of meaningful patterns in data to gain insights that allow smart decision-making.

Vertex focuses on clients’ overarching goals, looking beyond the obvious answers to scale solutions across the entire organization. We drive value.

Ready to learn how Vertex can help solve your supply chain, logistics, and retail execution problems?

Adept at assessing process and technology opportunities to deliver high-value solutions, Murali is a customer-centric technology executive with practical business knowledge. He consistently executes with excellence, establishing high standards and accountability for operational effectiveness and efficiency. Outside of work, Murali is an avid reader and enjoys watching NFL games.

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