Case study: SALESFORCE

Insurers: Want Insights Into Your Broker / Client Relationships? Leverage your Data to Identify New Opportunities.

Case Study at a Glance


A global specialty provider of property and casualty insurance and reinsurance headquartered in New York City


Our customer needed to enhance visibility into its broker / client relationships. The leadership team wanted insights on how strategic business units worked with various brokers. This intelligence would allow them to positively influence business decisions.


Vertex Computer Systems customized the Salesforce platform to provide accurate, up-to-date information on existing broker/client relationships.


The client has saved significant time previously spent gathering data that would have been outdated by the time it was reported. The company now uses real-time, accurate information to make informed data-based business decisions. Additionally, insights provided by the Salesforce solution allow this international insurer to identify new business opportunities and cross-sell other products. Internal efficiencies have improved.

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A Global Property & Casualty Insurer Leveraged its Data with Salesforce to Discover Effective Brokering Techniques

Insurance Premiums

Problem and Background

In the insurance industry, relationships with the right brokers lead to quality submissions. This, in turn, leads to increased business. Also, understanding broker-client relationships is crucial to understanding the type of policies that the insurer underwrites.

Our client wanted to better understand the relationships among its own strategic business units, brokers, and clients. Leadership needed a 360° view of all interactions and wanted a way to be able to parse various views in custom dashboards.

Customer Insights Allow Smart Business Decision-Making

Knowing your customer is usually the first rule in effective account management. But, in the case of large specialty insurance companies, customers are managed by brokers. Brokers are the bridge to the client. Understanding the interactions between brokers and clients – and how they correlate with quality submissions – is crucial to driving business growth.

Vertex Computer System’s client realized the importance of real-time visibility into broker and client relationships. Existing processes revealed opportunities for improving the speed at which reports were compiled and delivered. In many cases, outdated data hindered understanding of how to intelligently respond to broker/client relationships. Our client knew that an improved process could yield improved data to help them discern how to approach each relationship.

Crucial Questions the Client Wanted Insights on:

  • Which brokers’ clients were the most profitable?
  • Which strategic business units worked best with various brokers?
  • Were there opportunities to cross sell?
  • Did business units that have complementary products have visibility into each other’s accounts that they can target?

Vertex Solution: Custom Salesforce Application

Vertex Computer System’s solution scientists used Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics to not only glean immediate information but to also see how the relationship had evolved over time. By knowing the history, quantity, and quality of each relationship, the client could now determine the value that brokers’ clients provide.

With the new Salesforce tool, it is easy to compare the number of premiums sold year-to-year or quarter-to-quarter. Underwriters have at their fingertips the complete history of how many submissions a broker is responsible for. This ready access to accurate data makes it easy for them to decide what to charge for premiums and identify other opportunities to sell related helpful insurance products.

Key Features

  • Accurate, up-to-date data
  • Complete 360° view of historic data on brokers and clients
  • Instant calculations on premiums collected on several policies
  • Customized dashboards
  • Comparisons of annual or quarterly historic data
  • Calculations on premiums collected from several policies

Key Benefits

  • Improved decision-making capabilities based on actual data
  • Gives leadership valuable insights to know how much they can charge
  • Underwriters can see information to help them cross-sell other insurance products
  • Saves time previously spent gathering data and relying on internal IT teams to run reports
  • Identifies areas where business can be increased
  • Allows policy benefits to be weighed against losses to determine profitability
  • Users can compare real-time data across property and casualty business unit categories. This information provides valuable insights into broker/client relationships.

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