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Vertex Solution Helps CPG Manufacturer Optimize eCom Revenue

Case Study at a Glance


A Fortune 50 CPG Manufacturer

The Problem

Making sense of a large volume of search data on one of the world’s largest online marketplaces

The Vertex Solution

Dashboards created using Azure and Power BI to filter and analyze the data.

The Results

The product teams were able to optimize product content to ensure higher placement on search results pages thus increasing topline revenue.

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Problem and Background

Our client – a Fortune 50 manufacturer of Consumer Packaged Goods – does a significant portion of their business outside of normal brick-and-mortar retail channels. Indeed, the largest online marketplaces are an important part of their revenue mix.

We had previously helped our client gain insight into the performance of online coupons and promotions (link to the case study). Our next challenge was to make sense of what their customers were searching – and ultimately purchasing – from various products on one of these marketplaces.

While the retailer did make the consumer search data available, the sheer volume of information was difficult to compartmentalize and make sense of. They came back to Vertex Computer Systems to help them to acquire, explore, optimize, and ultimately take advantage of this data.

The Vertex Solution

Vertex Computer Systems applied its extensive domain expertise with both the manufacturer and the retailer, along with data science and visualization knowledge, to create actionable insights from the data on Azure platform. A set of dashboards were created using Microsoft Power BI that allowed the customer sales & marketing team to better understand the impact of these search results, such as clicks to sales/revenue.

With the learnings from the data, our client’s team was able to modify product e-Com content and relevant product information to appear higher in search results on the retailers’ website, thus increasing market share.

Key Benefits & Results

While the project is moving into additional phases that will start to apply machine learning principles to the data, the manufacturer has already seen significant growth in top line revenue at this online marketplace as a result of the learnings from the tool.

Who Was The Chief Technologist on the Project?

The technology leader for Vertex was Mani Pattathil, a Vertex employee with 13 years of experience working with the customer for Vertex, along with multi-skilled team members specializing in data platforms, data science, and visualizations,

Who Can Use This?

While Vertex’s solution was originally developed specifically for our client, the system would provide similar search insights to anyone selling their products through the largest online marketplaces.

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