Vertex Admin

February 28, 2024

Vertex Team Takes Strides for Girls’ Education in Run for a Girl Child Marathon

Fueling the spirit of community and empowerment, a dedicated group of Vertex employees recently participated in the Run for a Girl Child marathon. From seasoned runners to enthusiastic first-timers, the team embraced the challenge with excitement and perseverance, united by a shared goal: championing girls’ education.

The event pulsated with positive energy and camaraderie. Participants cheered each other on, forging a sense of purpose and shared responsibility. Reaching the finish line wasn’t just about personal achievement; it was about contributing to a powerful movement that empowers girls to unlock their potential.

Vertex is proud to be a part of this initiative, supporting equal access to education for all children. By participating in the Run for a Girl Child marathon, our team has taken a critical step towards creating a brighter future for girls in need.

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