Business Analytics - Data Visualization

Turn your enterprise data into easy-to-interpret, aesthetically pleasing visuals and recognizable patterns for super-quick informed decision making

With a keen focus on driving business value and answering underlying business questions, we bring an experienced team that will engage directly with key business and IT teams across the organization to provide enabling technology platforms and creatively craft effective methods (approaches, tools, technologies, organizational models, change management, and more) to help realize the business and analytic goals of your organization. From enabling frameworks, market differentiating analytics, and data management and movement, we can help bring your data (and analytics) to life!

At Vertex, our focus is to enable the business user, regardless of data or analysis complexity, to quickly assess, visually interpret, associate, and correlate the proper information, at the right time, within the proper context.

Fully Integrated Application Development

  • Visualization, Dashboard, and Integrated Interfaces
  • Guided User Interfaces, Story Boards, Story Points
  • Multi-Layered, Multi-Combinant Charts
  • Custom Extensions for additional chart types (most common in Adv. Analytics scenarios)
  • Data Blending
  • Animation Features
  • Geographical Charts and Geo-coding Integrations
  • Statistical (R language) extensions, incorporation of statistical code and Data Science models

Data Connections & Data Management

  • Connecting to all source types (ERP, Hadoop, database, flat file, etc.)
  • Data Management and Munging, Merging, Blending
  • Custom Extensions for Data Management and Integration Features
  • Performance optimization via data storage techniques and source connection types
Other Business Analytics Services

Vertex can help you with end-to-end Business Analytics services


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