Jim Szafranski

March 05, 2024

Common mistakes to avoid when implementing Salesforce

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In this new age of technology, it is impossible to continue using traditional methods to manage CRM as there is an overflow of large amounts of data. Monitoring this is a difficult task which is why many companies have been relying on CRM software platforms.

One of the well-renowned CRM software platforms is known as the salesforce CRM. Initially, a Salesforce job is to help your company’s sales team in supervising the customer database. Not only does it use time-saving techniques, it also provides various computerized services.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing Salesforce:

Even though Salesforce is a highly effective CRM platform, Salesforce implementation can be a tricky task. You might be using it wrong without following precautionary measures. Here’s 5 common mistakes you should avoid when implementing Salesforce:

  1. Not prioritizing Data Cleanup:
    Many Salesforce implementation teams emphasize too much on the new features forgetting that data clean up is one of the most crucial parts. It is mandatory to make sure all inaccurate and duplicate data is removed.
    Data management is the vital factor to classify your data in groups making it easier for the sales team when it comes to data analysis, forecasting and comprehension. If there is an error in data migration or transfer, incorrect data will generate wrong readings.
  2. Incorrect Salesforce implementation:
    The only way you can use Salesforce to its full potential is when your team has fully researched its tools and features. As Salesforce offers many services, it is vital to jot down your company’s needs to get a clear understanding of which tools fit you best.
    The complexity of a CRM platform allows you to customize your features according to your business needs which is only attainable if you are well aware about your company’s targeted goal.
  3. Lack of Training:
    Assuming your sales team will know how to use the CRM platform on their own is a huge mistake. Even though Salesforce might seem an easy tool to use, all users should know how to use several customizable features.
    Without proper training, your business cannot benefit from the specific Salesforce tools that can be tailored according to your requirement. It would defeat the purpose of a CRM platform.
  4. Not using Data Governance policies:
    Data governance policies include how the data is edited, shared and who can access the data. The purpose of these policies is to make sure data is safe and accurate.
    Maintaining data security is the key to avoid any errors prior to Salesforce implementation.
  5. Rushing the Customization Process:
    Your organization should take its time to customize the features and tools a CRM platform provides. Speeding the customizing process can lead to future problems. Customization is the most significant feature of a Salesforce CRM platform.
    As each business has its own needs, demands and strategies, investing your time and energy in deciding which tool suits you best is very important. No need to go through the entire time consuming process on your own, we at Vertex can do that for you.
  6. Independent Salesforce implementation:
    Many organizations have a misunderstanding of CRM and are confident that they need no assistance in the Salesforce customization and implementation. This is an expensive mistake.
    Without any outside assistance, your business could suffer from huge losses due to small mistakes. If you implement everything on your own, later you will need professional assistance from scratch and that would be more costly.

Enhance Your Business potential with Our Salesforce services

To prevent these primary errors, an effective Salesforce service provider can assist you in planning, setting a clear cut goal and in helping you understand the core details of how a Salesforce CRM platform works.

At Vertex, we provide Salesforce consulting, development, migration and integration services alongside support, growth and evaluation. With a 92% client retention rate we have successfully provided training, change management and advisory services.

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