Vertex Computer Systems Employee Satish Kulala Receives Azure Solutions Architect Badge

Satish Kumar Kulala

Congratulations to Vertex Computer Systems employee Satish Kumar Kulala, who recently passed the AZ-304 Microsoft Exam to receive his certification in Microsoft Azure Architect Design. Combined with another Azure Certification, Satish – who recently celebrated his 12 year anniversary with Vertex – can now claim an Azure Solutions Architect Badge. 

On the news of the certification, Program Manager Manish Bharti said, “Congratulation Satish. It’s a big achievement. So pleased to see you accomplishing great things!” 

While we are pleased to have this skillset as part of our company’s abilities, we are more pleased to be able to encourage employees like Satish as they grow in their career.  


Vertex Computer Systems Celebrates International Women’s Day

On March 8, 2022, Vertex Computer Systems took time out of the workday to celebrate International Women’s Day and all the contributions that our female team members make to the success of the company.

The day is especially meaningful as Vertex is a woman-owned company.

Sharda IyerCompany founder Sharda Iyer said, “As an engineer, a tech professional, and an entrepreneur, it gives me great pleasure to see women choosing STEM careers. I recall back when I was in college pursuing degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, I used to be one or two women in my classes! Thankfully that trend has changed, and more women are breaking the glass ceiling every day.

“I have seen many women employees build successful careers at Vertex, and I am honored to work with the exceptional women of Vertex,” she added. “Happy International Women’s Day to all the women Vertexians!”

Several of our female engineers and employees praised Vertex as being especially supportive of women in the workplace.

“The work environment at Vertex is quite supportive,” said Prasanna Rama, developer in the Hyderabad office. “Being a developer is nothing but learning a new skill and learning how to deal with failures, tackling new challenges and overcoming fear. It gives me a sense of pride. A woman being an engineer is no less than any man. This has been a huge learning experience.”

“Being an engineer has taught me to solve complex problems, to understand and implement technology and to show my skills globally,” added Neelima Devata. “Vertex has helped me in my career by helping me understand and mitigate any challenges. They encourage new ideas and listen to us and our views.”

Reshmy U.S.-based Business Development Executive Reshmy Kesavadas cited the feeling of empowerment and professionalism coated with empathy making it worthy to work in a woman-owned enterprise like Vertex. “For a woman like me who could not work in the United States because of visa, having the confidence to get back into the corporate world took some real guts because of (a) work gap of 15 years,” she said. “The consideration of Vertex to employ me shows how the company really cares about individuals and gives them a chance to learn, establish and grow.

“The constant assurance that ‘ Reshmy, you can do it’ and ‘you have it in you, hang in there’ are some of the phrases that my colleagues and management team showered on me was the real boost and, helped me get back on track when I was off track and low in confidence,” she added. “And here I am today, feeling like a celebrity and a champion! This is empowerment!”

Prashanthi Geedula praised Vertex’s flexible working options. “They provide me with much-needed balance as I can navigate my multiple roles, both in the workplace and at home.” She also appreciated the opportunities to work on challenging assignments with cutting-edge technologies. “(The field of ) engineering or development is all about intellectuals and in today’s world, both men and women are (performing) equally in this field. I do not think of me as a “woman” in a development team. My colleagues are as friendly (and) I feel that women’s work is valued and respected as much as anyone else’s.”

“Keep up the good work, and continue to achieve and aspire to do great!” concluded Sharda Iyer.

Celebrating 2021 Employee Anniversaries

On Thursday, February 24th, the Vertex Computer Systems team across the globe gathered together to honor the hard work and dedication of their fellow employees that celebrated 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 year anniversaries in the 2021 calendar year as of December 31.

Without this team of talented, committed employees, Vertex could not provide the outstanding service that our clients have come to depend on. Our success is a product of the inspiration, innovation, and implementation of their great ideas and their willingness to stay with the company and be technology leaders.

Vertex people work on creative, industrious teams that build solutions that impact our entire planet, and our success is a product of the inspiration, innovation, and implementation of their great ideas.

While we can’t include everyone’s comments, a theme throughout was praise of Vertex being an employee-centric organization with easy access to management, flexible work hours, plenty of learning and growth opportunities, and clear communication of company goals.

Here’s celebrating all of these team members, with a special highlight on those celebrating long tenures with the company.

20 Years

Joseph Groh

Joe GrohJoe celebrated 20 years with Vertex on November 5, 2021. For most of the length of his stay with the company, Joe has been assigned to a Fortune 100 consumer packaged goods company as a Senior Programmer Analyst.

“I’ve really enjoyed working for Vertex, having seen the Cincinnati office grow from the early days to the great team it is today,” Joe told us recently. “Ownership and leadership have been fantastic, always treating me very fairly, rewarding (me) for performing well and holding me accountable when appropriate. Throughout all these years, they’ve always been supportive of training and professional needs as technology has evolved from Lotus Notes to SQL Server/Visual Studio (C#)/Power Bi.

“The Vertex team has such a diverse set of skills and it’s been reassuring knowing they are available when needed,” he added. “Even though I’m rarely in the home office, I always enjoy when we’re able to meet for the holidays/lunches and to catch up other old-timers.”

His supervisor Murali Swamy wished him the best for many more years of service: “Joe has been a great account team member for Vertex and (the client). As his length of stay at Vertex and the account exemplifies, his contribution to the customer team is quite significant and is greatly appreciated.”

15 Years

Vijay Selvaganapathy

Vijay Selvaganapathy headshotVijay is a fifteen-year veteran of the Cincinnati office, starting his career as a Programmer Analyst before moving into his current role as a Salesforce Architect.

Murali Swamy praised Vijay as a dedicated and hardworking team member who is always willing to do anything to ensure customer expectations are met or exceeded. “Vijay is a highly dependable team member that delivers high-quality service every time he gets involved,” Murali said. “Best wishes for many more years of service!”

For his part, Vijay said “I really like the working environment as well as the people who have helped me immensely in my growth. I was able to contribute my services comfortably without any undue stress/pressures resulting in my longer tenure with the company.”

Ramam Gedala

Raman GedelaRamam works in the Hyderabad office as the Manager of Accounts & Finance.

His manager Sharda Iyer spoke highly of Ramam, calling him the “keel and rudder of (Vertex’s) Finance and HR operations”.

“Our tasks are complex,” she added .”We deal with HR, Benefits, Compliance, Corporate Taxes, Banking & Finance. Your work ethic, relentless ability to understand complex matters, attention to detail, and ‘do it right the first time’ mentality take our team to new heights.”

Ramam attributed the work environment at Vertex as well as flexible management for his long stay.

Narayana Chamakura

Narayana ChamakuraAlso contributing fifteen years to the company in Accounting & Finance is Narayana Chamakura.

Narayana’s supervisor Venkit Raman praised his negotiating skills, adding that he was “A wholesome package – hardworking, conscientious, highly trustworthy.”

Echoing the comments of many of his co-workers, Narayana cited flexible office timings and liberty that the company provides to him as part of his reason for staying. “I can reach out to anyone at any point of time without any hierarchy,” he added. “I can express my views & ideas to the company.”

Manish Bharti

Manish BhartiManish, a Program Manager in the Hyderabad office reporting to Sudip Nandy, joined Vertex on June 19 2006.

“People are cordial at Vertex,” Manish said. “There is a certain empathy or compassion that seems to flow from them.”

Sudip said that Manish is “a fine individual and a great team player, super trustworthy,” adding that he earned respect and appreciation from his team, peers, and his seniors, and, that he was never shy of taking (on new) responsibilities.

10 Years

Celebrating their ten-year anniversaries in 2021 were:

  • Sankar Krishnan, Saleforce Architect
  • Hemanth Shankarappa, PLM Software Systems Analyst
  • Gopala Krishna Kanchiraju, Senior Project Manager
  • Ganeswara Rao Kandula, Senior Database Programmer
  • Murali Krishna Chinigi, Senior Software Engineer
  • Gopinath Vemulapalli, Senior System Admininstrator
  • Satish Kadaverla, Technical Lead
  • Padmini Debbarma, Program Manager
  • Imran Mohammed, Logistics

5 Years

Celebrating their five year anniversaries were:

  • Girish Sasankasekhar, Project Manager
  • Kiran Veerendra, Assistant Manager of Recruiting
  • Suresh Sankaran, Project Manager
  • Mukesh Jha, Software Engineer
  • Kumaar Burepalli, Senior Developer
  • Nageswara Konatham, Software Engineer
  • Lokanth Balaka, Database Architect
  • Praveen Maduri, Application Support Engineer

1 Year:

Those celebrating their one year anniversaries are:

  • Alasdair Donald, VBA Programmer
  • Joshua Laffoon, Test Engineer
  • Susan Moellinger, Packaging Research Specialist
  • Sri Dronavalli, Software Engineer
  • Mustaq Turegal, Senior Inside Sales Associate
  • Ranga Kummari, Software Engineer
  • Nagaraj Adarsha, Manager of SAP Testing



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