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August 14, 2020

Vertex Offers bSync to Help Suppliers Streamline Product Data Tracking

Custom software reduces order cuts, rejections, payment disputes and supply-chain penalty fines; increases internal efficiencies

Beachwood, Ohio – Vertex, a custom digital solutions company, offers bSync, a cloud-based digital platform that streamlines data exception management for suppliers who sell to bigbox retailers. bSync allows efficient product and pricing data exception management. This platform saves suppliers money and time by reducing or eliminating order cuts, payment disputes, and supply-chain penalties while improving internal efficiencies.

Data discrepancies historically have been a huge detriment to suppliers during the process of completing order sales to big-box retailers. Stringent data requirements from retailers entail numerous detailed digital compliance tasks. For orders to be accepted, all supplier data must meet the retailer’s expectations. If one piece of metadata does not sync with the retailer’s system, the order may not be shipped. This results not only in a lost sale, but also hefty supply chain penalty fines, rejections and disputes.

How does bSync track smart?

With bSync, the probability of human error during the data set-up process is drastically reduced. bSync provides visibility on all relevant data (pricing, discounts, promotions, quantities, compliance, volume, color, fragrance, flavor, rebates and more) in one place. bSync monitors supplier and retailer systems for any data mismatches and alerts analysts proactively so that the issue can be resolved.

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When product data is correct, orders are accepted. Sales are made. Products get on big-box retail shelves for consumers to purchase.

“We saw a major frustration among our customers when it came to fulfilling orders to giant retailers,” says Ganesh Iyer, Founder of Vertex. “They were manufacturing great products that people wanted, but they often faced roadblocks getting them into big-box retailers like Walmart. We created a digital solution to streamline this process.”

What are bSync’s results?

Suppliers using bSync are impressed by the immediate gains. Order cuts, rejections, disputes, and supply chain penalties have been drastically reduced. Internal efficiencies have improved. Specifically, one of Vertex’s clients (a large Walmart supplier) reduced managed exceptions from 50% to 20% and unmanaged exceptions from 20% to 5%. That’s a huge savings.

bSync is available now for large consumer packaged goods suppliers. Ideal candidates for bSync are suppliers who introduce several products to market annually across dozens of categories, and who want their consumer products on big-box retail store shelves. Suppliers looking to improve efficiencies while reducing supply chain penalty fines, rejections, and disputes would benefit from bSync.

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