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We use the Customer Success Platform to transform and provide comprehensive solutions for you Sales, Customer Service and Marketing organization

Lead Management
Your Inside Sales is as effective as the Quality of Leads that they receive, here are a few things to think about
  • Are you spending the time on the right Leads?
  • How do you score and measure the quality of your leads?
  • What is the handover process from Inside Sales to Sales users?

Account Management
Foundamental objects for any CRM application. Our conversation with customers start by asking the following questions:
  • How do you acquire new Accounts?
  • Differentiation between your Prospects and Customers
  • Journey of you Account along with the touchpoints
  • Duplicate Management

Sales Process
Are you using the features that will enable you to sell more and get the most of your Salesforce investments?
  • Is your team equipped to cross-sell?
  • Are you utilizing Products, Price books and Quoting from Salesforce?
  • How well is the reporting working for executives?
  • Can your executives do trend reporting based on previous year Sales?
  • Are your users getting the 360-degree view of a Customer?
  • Depending on your organization's maturity we can tackle Territory management and forecasting.
Advanced Sales Cloud Features
You are using Sales Cloud but are you still using Spreadsheets for Commissions, Forecasting, Territory Management and Revenue Scheduling.
  • Is your Sales team having access to the potential commission they are going to earn on an opportunity? How about the actual amount after the Revenue is reported?
  • Are you utilizing the powerful Territory Management module?
  • Do you forecast on revenue or quantities? Are you using Snapshots to compare your Opportunity data month-on-month?
  • Do you know revenue scheduling is great for Opportunities where revenue realization is staggered?

Omni-Channel Customer Service
Serve your customers from a variety of channels like never before and give everyone a 360-degree view of your customer
  • Your customers are Social, how about your customer service?
  • Omni-channel means Social, Phone, Email, Community, Live-Agent-Are you engaging with your customers efficiently?
  • What are your C-SAT scores?
  • Are you utilizing the power of Community and Knowledge?
  • How are the supervisors managing the work-load amongst the team members?
Campaigns and Marketing
Is your Sales and Pre-Sales team aligned with your Marketing team's objective?
  • What is the process for transferring leads to Sales team?
  • How do you measure effectiveness of Marketing campaigns?
  • What went into your decision making process for selecting your Marketing?

Integrations and Data Migration
A CRM integrated and harmonized with an ERP and your AR System is capable of delivering significant ROI vs bunch of stand-alone core applications
  • Do you want to give your Sales and Customer Service 360-degree view of the customer?
  • Harmonize your Account once and keep the data pristine by establishing the right Account Management process that is right for your Organization
  • Are you converting your opportunities to Orders?
You have multiple Salesforce orgs either due to an acquisition or the nature of your business:
  • Do you need to have a Master for your Account and Contracts stored some where, have you thought of an MDM system?
  • What is the use-case for having multiple Orgs, very big orgs can get complicated - span of control, deployments, code management - you name it. At the same time multiple orgs present their own set of challenges like Reporting, Account and Contact Management to name a few.
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