Recent College Grad? Start Your IT Career With Vertex

Are you a recent or soon-to-be graduate with a degree in Computer Science or Information Technology? Or do you have demonstrable skills as a software developer? Vertex is adding entry-level to senior members to its team of talented developers and analysts. Launch your career as a software developer with us!

At Vertex Computer Systems you will learn the world of consulting, work with varied clients and industries helping them solve critical problems. You will develop digital transformation solutions, cloud-based custom applications, analytical solutions using AI/ML algorithms, data science & visualization solutions using Microsoft, Salesforce, Open-Source platforms, and other cutting-edge technologies.

We offer a great working environment that is informal and collaborative, allows you to bring out your best, contribute immensely, and learn on the job. We value and listen to your ideas.

Prior work experience is not a requirement for us.

The job location will be Sharonville, Ohio (Cincinnati) post removal of pandemic era restrictions.

If you’re interested in starting your career with a leading Information Technology Services company, please send an email to [email protected] with a detailed resume of your academic background, and your work experience if any.  We are hiring immediately but have flexibility with start dates to accommodate various graduation schedules.

You can find more information about Vertex at

Supporting Ukraine

Dear Ukraine,  

All of us here at Vertex are saddened to see the plight being faced by your country and your people.  

We are impressed with your courage and resilience in the face of this horrible foe. The stories and images that we see in our newsfeeds and on our TVs of uprooted lives and destruction of property are tough to watch. We hope and pray that you will all survive this brutality, and that peace will reign on your land soon. 

We know that many of you have had to flee your homes and your jobs in the face of this crisis.  

While you are fighting this adversity, we want to let you know we are here to help you. If you have information technology skills, we would like to talk to you about working for us. Please send an email to [email protected] with details of your work experience and technical specialties. 

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