Do You Have More Salesforce Licenses and Products Than You Need? 

Let Our Salesforce Experts Audit Your Organization and Find Cost Savings

When Salesforce started out back in 1999, it was purely a cloud-based CRM, offering customers little more than the ability to manage their Accounts, Contacts Opportunities, and Forecasts. Today Salesforce is the biggest SAAS platform in the world, offering multiple editions and more than ten different license types and SKUs, leading to 100s of permutations and combinations.

While the basics of Sales Cloud licenses for managing your sales pipeline remain unchanged, there are more nuances when it comes to picking the right edition, license types, and mix of products that align with your company’s Salesforce vision. For instance, not all your employees may need a full Sales Cloud license, and a Service Cloud or a Lightning Platform License may be more suited for them. Similarly, choosing the right Experience Cloud License for your Customers and Partners could save you thousands of dollars, annually. These savings can be used for further accelerating your Sales and Marketing strategies by purchasing High Velocity Sales licenses for your inside Sales team, or Pardot for B2B Marketing.

Choosing the wrong licenses and products can greatly decrease the ROI on your Salesforce investment.  We often see customers come to us a few months or years into their Salesforce journey, complaining about the poor ROI from Salesforce. And often, we see the use of improper or underutilized licenses being the biggest culprit.

SMBs using Salesforce report an average of 26% more deals and 32% more leads. The journey to achieve those metrics starts by identifying the right licenses and products for your organization’s Salesforce journey. Unless you have the expertise in-house, teaming up with the right Salesforce Partner, at inception, to help define the roadmap and the right combination of licenses and products is the best way to maximize your Salesforce ROI.

Do you feel that you’re not getting the highest return on investment from your Salesforce system? If not, your organization may benefit from a License and Product audit by the team of Salesforce experts at Vertex Computer Systems. Contact us today!

Can You Afford to Not Invest in a Well-Implemented CRM?

When business executives question Sales & Marketing professionals on investing in IT solutions for sales automation and process standardization, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Yes, these tools provide insights into customer behavior, but that’s only the beginning.

The main point shouldn’t be on how this investment will provide the expected ROI or how long the process can take. Rather, the more comprehensive view should be on what the negative impact will be if the investment isn’t made. What will the long-term lost opportunity be?

Put your customer in the center of every decision. Creating products and services aligned with the company’s vision and values is essential to ensure excellence in customer satisfaction while building your brand recognition. Nowadays, customers are used to searching for a new provider or a unique solution and are apt to do a background check about your quality of services or deliverables. Testimonials, positive references, or referrals have never been as essential in continuing to attract new customers and keeping the ball rolling.

Salesforce CRM

You need the right tools to ensure the best future options. Your marketing and communication must be clear, direct, and transparent. Your prospects will consume content through the most convenient channels. A well-configured and well-designed CRM tool with adherent business processes can be the foundation technology to ensure the correct information flow throughout your organization.

At the same time, you’ll also be compiling your data into a single version of the truth. Why not work to remove the silos between the departments, standardize data format, and follow the steps to get internal approvals and check the business policies?

Growing businesses can’t afford not to invest in a well-implemented CRM.

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