The present wave of digital transformations challenging for Manufacturers, Distributors and Supply Chains. Tighter project schedules driven by reduced budgets, manual methods and many more challenges are resulting in these organizations having to become more agile Suppliers of their products and services. Cloud ERP systems are essential to Suppliers needing to adapt to a more social, mobile, customer-centric world, and that's why Vertex has partnered with Kenandy to deliver full, seamlessly integrated 360° Customer visibility.

Kenandy's Cloud-based ERP Application is built on the Salesforce Platform and provides ERP solutions for Manufacturers, Distributors, Supply Chains and many other Industries.

Vertex has significant ERP/Financial experience and Business Process knowledge. Our fully trained and certified Kenandy/Salesforce Consultants help companies Discover, Design and Configure the Kenandy ERP to fit into their Business Processes. Vertex’s strong development practice is capable of customizing the Kenandy ERP Application to address customer’s specific business needs and competitive differentiation.


Our Service Offerings:

Implementation Services

  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Implementation Testing
  • Training

Data Harmonization

  • Data Mapping
  • Migration
  • Cleansing
  • De-Duping
  • Loading

Configuration Services

  • User Configuration
  • Hierarchies
  • Security
  • Mobile

Post Go-Live Support

  • Enhancements
  • Configuration Tweaks
  • Help Desk
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