Track Smart: Supplier Data Synchronization
with bSync Ensures Big-Box Sales

If you’re a major product supplier to big-box retailers, you likely know the joy of receiving an order and reveling in fulfilling it. Conversely, you probably also know the frustration of having your orders rejected before delivery. This is a scary situation and one that leaves suppliers feeling the sting of lost sales, order cuts, and penalties.

Usually, order rejections are a result of data discrepancies between supplier and retailer systems. Given that each product requires numerous data attachments, many dependent upon preceding requirements, ensuring that all the proper metadata is in place is complicated. Pricing, Discount, Promotions, Quantity, Compliance, Rebates, Date Ranges and other data must be accurately set up before the order leaves the supplier’s warehouse. One mistake can be detrimental.

Automated Data Tracking with bSync

Because giant retailers have stringent acceptance standards, the onus is on suppliers to adapt and meet strict data guidelines. The consequence of non-compliance typically results in thousands of dollars in penalty fees every time an order is rejected.

Vertex solution scientists set out to solve this problem. The result is bSync, a cloud platform that manages product and pricing data synchronization requirements, virtually eliminating data mismatches between the supplier and retailer. bSync provides a convenient one-stop shop for Data Analysts and Item Analysts to apply metadata to products, ensuring that all the information is correct and will meet retailer expectations.

bSync allows data analysts to concentrate on their core jobs and not spend time chasing down ancillary pieces of data like promotion dates, product descriptions and prices. bSync puts all the information into one easy-to-navigate platform, increasing efficiencies for everyone. By replacing manual processes with a digital platform, mistakes are avoided.

With bSync, suppliers can track smart and complete sales.

Track Smart: Supplier Data Accuracy with bSync Ensures Big-Box Sales

What if you could drastically reduce data matching errors by effectively monitoring item data at every stage of the process? With bSync, you can.

As service level agreement (SLA) data items are completed, bSync notes them. If exceptions occur, bSync alerts analysts. If a compliance issue needs to be addressed, bSync informs people. All these safeguards allow analysts to address issues long before they become problems. Quantities, discounts, special packaging, or whatever data needs to be accounted for is noted. All the pieces are aligned in one system, not in numerous Excel sheets or emails.

With bSync, suppliers are assured that when order data is completed, the information is correct so that products can be delivered to retailers and put on shelves for consumers to buy.

Key Features

  • Automated workflows
  • Exception management
  • Price tracker including base and net price intelligence
  • Customized approval process
  • Reports and dashboard
  • Integration
  • Collaboration
  • 360° product view
  • Dashboards for reporting insights to enable intelligent decisions and actions

Let bSync help you get your products onto retail shelves and into buyer’s shopping carts.

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