Vertex Computer Systems Ranked #1 IT Staffing Provider for Fortune 50 CPG Manufacturer

We’re proud to announce that Vertex Computer Systems was recently ranked the #1 IT Staffing Vendor for a Fortune 50 Packaged Goods manufacturer, besting 10 other IT firms in the company’s 4th quarter rankings. While this ranking is for IT staffing, Vertex has been a partner of the CPG firm for many years, delivering projects in Microsoft M365 services, Custom App Development, Data & Analytics, and Salesforce, among other technologies.

The ranking is based on several key factors, including speed to provide resources, regulatory compliance, candidate quality, fulfillment, rates and retention.

“Vertex Computer Systems prides itself on creating positive client relationships over many years of working together,” said Global Account Director Murali Swamy. “We look forward to additional work with this client and continuing to be a key part of their success.”

BC / AC: Should You Negotiate Salary on a Job Offer? How Covid has Changed Salary Negotiation 

Since COVID, all facets of recruiting have changed: location, duration, communication, work hours, even entire jobs. One of the most sensitive subjects of recruiting is salary negotiation. Somewhere, someone instructed newbie candidates to negotiate pay offers. This issue comes up frequently, as many entry-level candidates believe they’ll be perceived as being weak if they don’t ask for more money.   

This may have worked well with hiring managers BC (Before COVID). But that convention has gone out the window during COVID. These days, everyone is working on their last nerve after a year of being cooped up, overworked, and stressed out about business and the economy. Hiring managers have restricted budgets and very little wiggle room exists for an increase, especially for an entry-level candidate.    

We ran into this recently when we recruited, packaged, prepped, and presented a candidate who received an offer and came back asking for over 16% more in the base salary. This was after he agreed to the salary range upfront.  After talking to his friends, he came back for more. Even though he had four years of experience, the position was still considered associate level in the dynamic world of technology.   

Many millennials have internalized the notion that they should always negotiate salary. Think twice about negotiating pay until AC (After COVID). If you are working with a recruiter, he or she will tell you what will work within the budget allotted for the role.  I recommend after all the hard work of the interview and the offer comes in, take it!  You can negotiate vacation, benefits, workspace, workday hours.  What’s most important is to land a job that will give you experience in your desired field.

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